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Jasmin & Kyle

are getting married!

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Join Jasmin & Kyle on the
6th of August to Celebrate Their Union

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Our Memories

Our Love Story

The world’s most powerful website builder which takes the “live website creation” to next level. Beautiful and easy to understand UI, professional animations and drag & drop functionalities are a few examples of the work that’s been done to make a top-notch product. Massive Dynamic is created by a team of 12 experienced professional developers and designers. The team has focused on user experience and ease of use in every aspect of this project.

Our Journey Moments

May 16, 2014 The First Glance

October 10, 2014 Engaged

November 01, 2015 Coupple amusement

May 18, 2015 Marriage date

  • “ The best gift will be your participation, thanks to all ”

    Jasmin & Kyle